Tips for a Terrific Twitter and a Bustling Blog

Strategic tweeting and blogging :

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Hi All !  I decided today to give you a few hints to bring more attention to your blogs and twitter pages. Below is some best practices for blogging and tweeting.

  • Keep tweets short as possible  to make them more shareable
  • Tweet /blog regularly
  • Creative use of hashtags

When it comes to tweeting and blogging  there are a couple of best practices you can utilize in order to get your message across in a clear and concise way . My first recommendation would be when tweeting keep your tweets as short as possible so that they are easily able to be shared. According to the Tao of twitter “Every  time somebody re tweets you, that persons name is added to the tweet. That 140- character limit is going to be used up pretty quickly, so keep it short to begin with .”  If consumers have to work to share and re tweet your posts , it can deter them wanting to share your message. Another tip would be to tweet or blog regularly,  this will help to keep your readers and followers engaged and keep them interested in your content. Inconsistent tweeting or blogging can turn people off to your content, and conversely tweeting or blogging to much can turn people off because they will view what you are posting or blogging about as unimportant. It is paramount to  find the medium between over posting and under posting, The Tao of twitter has a good baseline for tweeting which is “ tweet often, but only if you have something of value to say .” . However  to supplement tweeting hashtags can be used to tremendous effect  to help draw attention.

A creative use of hashtags can help draw attention  to your tweets and blog posts , you can use hashtags in a variety of ways, whether it be  using a silly hashtag to catch  the eyes of readers, or can use a hashtag to inform  others of what the post is about. Moreover you can  hashtag a post so that when people search certain topics  your blog or tweet will pop up. But hashtags wont drive all the traffic , ultimately your blog and twitter have to generate discussion and be interesting .

The final tip I have pertains mostly to blogging and that is to encourage discussion and  interaction, when you blog you should leave your posts open ended and  should allow your discussions to promote discussion  or debate. What makes a blog or even a twitter interesting is  giving the readers the chance to debate or disagree , a  blog which inspires and attracts diverse opinions is one which will  continue to be successful and draw readers back .  I know there are many strategies out there for tweeting and blogging and helping to  bring traffic to your material .

Calling all bloggers!

Do you  have any other tips beyond the  ones I mentioned here ? Do you agree that these are helpful tips? Please leave a comment below with your thoughts and opinions !


2 thoughts on “Tips for a Terrific Twitter and a Bustling Blog

  1. Så synd, men jag antar att våfflor är (yletreigart) en sak man kan leva utan.Tack för ditt svar och för en suverän blogg med massor av tips!


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