The Peaks and Valleys of Online Gaming

Positives of online gaming

            Social and online gaming has been a topic which has  created a huge divide in the gaming industry.  When gaming went social and users were able to  communicate, and share experiences online this opened gamers up to a world of possibility but also exposed them to a world of harm. Gaming going social was great as it gave those who normally would not interact with people, and maybe weren’t comfortable playing video games with others the opportunity to do so . Online gaming gave gamers the opportunity to make friends worldwide, and meet others who shared similar interests in game genres, and interact in ways that would  never have been thought possible . Moreover gaming going social allowed gamers  to constantly be connected to their friends whom they may not be able  to visit to play games with on the regular,and allows them to still share that experience.


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Negatives of online gaming 

             However with the advent of online and social gaming we began to see issues which were not anticipated beginning to form , for instance we now have people using these online games as a way to steal from others . I had a friend that has actually gotten into a “relationship” by playing these online games such as World of Warcraft and has had money and goods stolen from him by  people he thought he could trust that he had met in  game. Furthermore we began to see people becoming addicted to the social experiences that were being formed , there have been stories of people losing jobs and loved ones due to being so engulfed into these online games that they don’t realize that their life in the real world is being jeopardized as seen here .

            Furthermore online gaming has opened up gamers to a lot of verbal abuse and bullying they would otherwise not be open to by playing video games offline . Any gamer who has played any kind of shooter, or role playing game online knows the 12 year old kid spewing racial epithets and  joking about people’s mothers the whole match . Online bullying has become a huge problem which grew with the popularity of social media, and the video game space is not exempt from that and this is a poignant issue in online gaming. What is your take on  the social aspect of online gaming ? Do you think online gaming has done more harm than good?


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Online gaming and you:

Do you or anyone you know play online games? If so which ones , and do you think they positively or negatively effect users? Please leave a comment below discussing your experiences with online gaming !

10 thoughts on “The Peaks and Valleys of Online Gaming

  1. Hi Shawn, I know absolutely nothing about gaming so thank you for enlightening me a bit. So when you say “stealing from others” do you literally mean stealing? Like breaking in and stealing? If so, that is awful. All those downsides are awful really. I like your graphics. They are used perfectly. As Professor recommends I would add your Twitter newsfeed to your blog. I like your large and bold headings. Great job!


  2. Hey Shawn, I can’t believe I have not looked at your blog until this module. Shame on me because this is an area I have a lot of experience in. My brother is an avid gamer and I see a lot of the problems you outlined in this blog with what he does. It’s a vicious cycle that can ruin other aspects of people’s lives. Don’t get me wrong I love video games and the concept of using them to unwind from a stressful day. When they become a lifestyle in and of itself then you have a problem. Poor eating choices and lack of sleep hinder other aspects of life. I can’t begin to tell you how many times people I know have been late to work and then fired because they were up all night playing a video game. Games like Call of Duty has “clan matches” that occur all day and night due to the time differences all around the world. Individuals get hooked and can be a degree of addiction. Great post.

    I like the clean look/layout of your blog. The white background works to have the text and graphics jump off the screen. I would suggest, like Allison said, to include your Twitter feed on the side bar and make your headlines bigger. Be a little more creative with the naming of your headings. This will hook the reader. A play of words or funny phrase could be something you look into to get that kind of hook I’m talking about. You may also want to look at adding videos to your blogs. Go to YouTube and embed the code of a video you’d think would make our content more dynamic. Just some suggestions. Good luck the rest of the way!


  3. Shawn – As I was reading your post the first thought that came to mind was “Pokemon Go!” Then I saw your link to a previous post that was about Pokemon Go itself. I remember shaking my head as I read of people quitting their jobs so they could continue to play Pokemon Go – that is a problem! As with anything, when something is taken to extreme it can be damaging.

    Great read and thought provoking! Love the graphics – especially the skeleton (perfect for Halloween being right around the corner).


  4. As a gamer, I have lived the pros and cons of online social interaction. Unfortunately, people become brave when hidden behind a screen; they have a fake name, fake appearance, and sometimes even a fake gender. There are always people trying to take advantage of others, and I don’t see that ever changing. Although the online social community can be dangerous, there are many positives that come from it too. I have heard real life stories of people meeting online and eventually getting married. Online gaming gives those who may be socially awkward in person a way to collaborate with those who have similar interests and personalities. I personally love the online gaming community. Even though you have some horrible people, I find there are more out there who are willing to work with you and eventually become close friends. We see events like Comic-Con, E3 and Pax bringing people together who may have never met without the online gaming community.


    1. I love the way in which events like Comicon bring people together ! You are right there are people who hide behind keyboards. But i think overall gaming is a positive social interaction and can yield long lasting relationships.


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