Video gaming a social phenomenon?

The evolution of video gaming:

For those who follow video games you know that the landscape of video games has changed drastically in a short amount of time, even over the last ten years there has been a major shift in how games are played, where they are played, and how people interact while playing games. Even conveying information to consumers has changed in the video game industry, I remember growing up and waiting every month for the latest Game Informer magazine to come out so I could get up to date on all the new games which were in development. Until I received this magazine in the mail each month I would essentially be blind to developments in the industry. However with the advent of social media came the opportunity to be connected to the video game industry 24/7. Thanks to sites such as Twitter and Facebook  I am able to stay abreast of any news , or  updates that occur in the industry  almost as soon as they happen. The degree of connectivity that a consumer can have to the industry is at an all-time high, and consumers are  informed about video gaming as a whole now more  than they ever were before.

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Gaming gone social:

However going beyond media consumption, the fundamental way in which consumers play games has additionally changed drastically. Video game consoles are more social than they have ever been, these consoles prioritize facilitating the interaction between players, just as much as they do delivering a thrilling video game experience. Video game consoles have integrated all types of friend’s list functions, and chat features, and have become faux social media sites, allowing you to see and comment on what friends are playing. Additionally gaming consoles have implemented the ability to go on your Facebook and post to your wall, or go on your Twitter and tweet directly from the console. The inclusion of these features is all thanks to social media, the advent of social media created a need for consumers to feel like they always need to be connected and know what others are doing, and in order for video games as an industry to continue to flourish and attract consumers they had to provide the same sense of interactivity and connectivity as computers and smart phones, and deliver a competent gaming experience.   As the gaming industry continues to grow and evolve I am excited to see how the industry  will begin to integrate social media functionality into virtual reality gaming, and how the industry will continue to innovate and iterate on the feeling of connectivity and the social aspect of gaming.

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Social gaming , gift or curse?

Do you think that gaming going social has helped or hurt the industry ? Do you play video games online, if so what has your experience been? Leave a comment below detailing your experience!



5 thoughts on “Video gaming a social phenomenon?

  1. Shawn,

    I never realized how versatile video game consoles have become! I haven’t been much of a gamer over the last couple of years and it seems like they have made very large strides forward to bring the consumer the best possible experience. I definitely understand why gamers would want all of their media account reachable from one console instead of having to use their computers, phones, and gaming consoles. There are entire online communities surrounded by each game, whether it be Call of Duty or Gears of War. There are many YouTubers who’s main source of income is entertaining their followers with professional game play and other gaming content. Adding these features to the consoles allow them to be more efficient, potentially increasing their content output which results in increased pay.


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  2. Shawn,

    Video games have floured since I was a kid. The access to go live and play with people across the world was the first thing that grabbed my attention and made me realize where the world was going with technology. It was actually something that started many arguments in my home…lol. My son is not a big gamer but when his friends come over they play on them from time to time. His PS4 and Xbox1 connects to the internet and to his Facebook where his friends can challenge him on different games such as Call of Duty and Madden. I know those are two of my son’s favorite but I am amazed on how these devices work and communicate with one another. With the implementation of technology, kids nowadays will never feel the excitement of having a Nintendo 64 and a Sega. I was too excited as a kid waiting for a new game to come out and trying to figure out how I was going to convince my parents to buy another $40 video game.


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