Hootsuite vs Tweet Deck

Hootsuite or Tweet Deck?

We live in a world where there is constantly new social media sites and apps popping up and as a corporation or a user it can become difficult to keep up with all of these sites, and keep them up to date. To solve this problem apps were created which allow you to manage all of your social media  from one convenient location, and allow you to  update all of the sites simultaneously. There  are two main apps which companies use to do this , and those are Tweet Deck and Hootsuite.  We can first speak on the similarities  between the two  apps, and that is until recently they really functioned as the same app.  They both allowed the management of multiple social network sites, however Tweet Deck had a more streamlined interface and was more ergonomic. Where as Hootsuite was more rudimentary, but still served the same purpose and got the job done. Furthermore both platforms  have an intuitive system for scheduling tweets and this can be  done hassle free from either platform as expressed by Clearly here .However as they began to iterate on Hootsuite and Tweet Deck the two services began to become different experiences.

Account management:

Hootsuite allows you to manage  up to three social media accounts this can be Twitter , Facebook ,and Linkedin for example,or three twitter accounts if the user so chooses. Furthermore Hootsuite allows integration with wordpress, Youtube and Tumblr which is lacking on Tweet Deck . Tweet Deck originally allowed users to manage as many Twitter, Facebook and Linkedin accounts as they wanted, but Twitter has recently acquired Tweet Deck and now only allows multiple Twitter accounts to be managed from Tweet Deck. There is also a difference in the mobile space between these two offerings. See an example of tweet deck below.

Image result for tweetdeck

Mobile integration:

In terms of mobile integration Hootsuite has Tweet Deck beat,as Tweet Deck no longer has its mobile component  ever since it was acquired by the Twitter corporation. Hootsuite offers seamless integration between its desktop and mobile formats.  The mobile app provides a quick way to update multiple social media networks, and is a pared down version of the desktop site,which gives Hootsuite the clear advantage over Tweet Deck in this regard  as reported bu Ian Clearly here .Lack of mobile integration makes Tweet Deck a tough platform to use as you always need to be at a desktop in order to manage multiple accounts, and it is cumbersome to manage multiple accounts on the Twitter app available for all the mobile platforms. Hootsuite being integrated into IOS and Android systems gives it a clear upper hand as diagrammed below.

Image result for hootsuite mobile

In conclusion we have two platforms that seem to have started as a similar idea and morphed into systems which apply to different groups of users. Both platforms are competent and intelligent in their usability and design. While I wouldn’t necessarily call one  better than the other it seems like Hootsuite is more utilitarian in its offerings, while Tweet Deck is solely for monitoring and managing multiple twitter accounts . Ultimately the value of the platform is going to  have to be decided by the user and what they are looking for. 

Call to action:

Do you blog and tweet? Which  system do you prefer and why ? Furthermore is there a third system that you use ? Let me know your preferences in the comments section!




4 thoughts on “Hootsuite vs Tweet Deck

  1. Shawn,
    Good job on your blog post!!! I personally never knew about dashboards until this course and come to find out there are multiple forms available. I’m glad to learn this through Hootsuite can actually manage more than three social media mediums. The difference is that if you go over the limit of three you are going to be charged a fee. Just some pointers that I was suggested was to fill out the ‘About Me’ section and make sure your website is hyperlinked.


  2. I have never heard of TweetDeck before and I actually logged into it from my Twitter account! I am very surprised that is is actually what is says it is “Tweet Deck”, the first page when you log in shows 4 columns, “Home, Notifications, Messages, Activity”. I can clearly see how this would be useful to hard core Twitter users. I am not super involved with Twitter yet, but perhaps I will find it useful in the future!


  3. Your post was very well thought out and very detailed. After reading this post I can now clearly determine the difference between Hootsuite and Twitter. Both are great tools to use if your running a company or just using them for personal reasons. I noticed that there weren’t any specific companies mentioned that apply these tools as part of their marketing strategies. Do you think that different industries prefer one social media tool over the other? Twitter is obviously the most popular tool used as it is easy and can reach a wider audience. Also I noticed a mention of video games. How are these tools intergrated among video games? I would find it very fascinating to know. Overall this was a great blog post that captured the stark differences of the two tools.


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